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P u b l i c  A r t 
Superior Avenue Industrial Pavilions
Zone Rec Eco-Park
University Circle - Rodin's Feet
Playhouse Square Luminaries
55th Street Bridge Installation
Eco-Fence Project
Shaker Landscape Installation
Columbus Butterfly Fountain
Playhouse Square North Wall
Food Bank Installation
Café Boba Wall Treatment
Cleveland Public Art Signage
CedarFairmount Public Art Project
Flight 93 Memorial
U r b a n  D e s i g n 
Hotel Bruce Greening of Glenville
Counter-Culture Gardens
Hotel Bruce Midtown Study
Hotel Bruce Ohio City Study
Cuyahoga Valley Initiative
Cleveland Waterfront Design
Circle to the Lake Charrette
Euclid Avenue bike lane study
Trieste Design Competition
I l l u s t r a t i o n 
Pen and Ink
Digital collage and modeling
stephen manka